Meet a Prof: Joe Hamr


Joe Hamr 

Prof Description

Professor, School of Business, Media and Creative Arts
Faculty Member Since 1991
  • Bachelor of Science - Biology degree, Beloit College, Wisconsin
  • Master of Science - Zoology, University of Guelph
  • Ph.D. - Wildlife Ecology, University of Innsbruck

Program Areas

  • Sustainable Outdoor Recreation/Nature-Based Adventure Tourism

About Joseph...

  • Has conducted wildlife research in central Ontario on deer, elk, black bear and wild turkey
  • Has hiked, skied, and climbed extensively in the mountains of Europe and North America
  • Has been a fishing guide and has dog-sledded as far north as Baffin Island
  • Is an ORCA canoe instructor in moving water, tripping and basic flat-water an OWWA recreational kayaking instructor; and a Hike Ontario Leader instructor
  • Supervises graduate research in Biology at three Ontario Universities

On Pursuing a Career
"Outdoor adventure is the fastest growing sector of the tourism industry worldwide. If you like to work outdoors, appreciate the natural environment, and enjoy adventure, consider our Nature-Based Adventure program. It could turn into the career of a lifetime!"

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